Gliders Coin Cell Holders

Product Family Overview

Gliders coin cell holders are a retainer with a gliding tray, which together hold a cell.

Gliders are a hybrid between a retainer and a holder, offering the price competitiveness of a coin cell retainer, while at the same time giving a better and more reliable connection than the standard battery holder. Once the battery has been installed into the tray, it simply glides into the retainer and clicks into place to provide a secure connection. The intuitive design allows for quick and tool-less battery replacement, while the built-in polarity protection ensures that the coin cell will not make contact when improperly inserted. Another benefit that the gliding tray provides is that it insulates the cells, allowing for multiple coin cells to be installed in a series connection for higher voltage applications. The Gliders family of coin cell holders is quickly becoming a popular product among medical and RFID products, where reliability and ease of use are of paramount importance.
Case Study
MPD has recently published a case study of customizing our Glider design for a leading toll tag manufacturer. In it, we address common issues such as controlling costs, automation of assembly, and increasing durability for more extreme environmental conditions. The full study is available here.
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